Visalia Feral Cat Coalition is dedicated to improving our community and the lives of our furry friends, and I’d like to express our gratitude to the VFCC Board, members, and volunteers for their invaluable assistance in organizing an extensive food distribution for the community. Thanks to their efforts, many individuals in need will have a steady supply of food in the coming days.As many have inquired about the source of the donated food, I can happily share that it was generously provided by a local business (not Amazon) that collaborated closely with us to make this initiative a success. I’ve requested permission to disclose the name of the business and will do so once I receive their approval. They graciously accommodated my frantic efforts to arrange transportation for the food and secure the necessary equipment, which was a challenging task, especially during the holiday season and amidst everyone’s busy schedules. Given that this was our first endeavor on such a grand scale, the fact that we were able to pull it off is truly remarkable.I want to extend a special acknowledgment to

STAY FRESH EXPRESS LLC. for their pivotal role in picking up and delivering the food, with Phil even becoming an integral part of our team!

Additionally, Redwood Distribution collaborated with us when our original truck arrangement fell through, allowing us to postpone the pickup to the following week. We understand the challenges of managing such a large volume of food in your warehouse, and we truly appreciate their cooperation.

Thank you, Farmers Laros Fruit Stand for the forklift and all Carmen Laro’s hard work.

Sunbelt Rentals, Inc for rental of a forklift