Adopt our hardworking barn cats and enjoy natural pest control that’s both eco-friendly and efficient.  These experienced mousers keep your property rodent-free without the need for harmful poisons, while contributing to a healthier environment.  Our barn cats arrive with essential vaccinations, ensuring they’re in good health and ready to work.  They are also spayed or neutered, which can prevent unwanted breeding and promote a more stable colony.

The Barn Cat Program is limited to cats in danger, for example cats that are located near a busy road. 

To get started with our barn cats contact us at and we will help you through the process of accumulating the cats and having a rodent-free property.  The steps to getting our cats to work for you are here.  

Cats in danger? Fill out the form Here and let us know.  The cats must be fixed and be current on shots.  You are welcome to use our vouchers.  We wish we had the volunteers and funds to trap and finance the healthcare of the cats, but we don’t. Starting a go fund me is a good place to start to get the cats fixed and shots.


Steps to Having a Barn Cat

  1. Once you decided to hire a barn cat fill out the form below and let us know you want cats and how many
  2. A VFCC member will come out and help you setup the cat’s new home.  
  3. They will need a acclimatation cage so they get used to the area and know this is now home, we try to have these available to borrow.  They will only need it for a week or two.  This is the only time the cats will need a litter box.  This time will also let any cats you already have get used to the new cats in a non threatening environment.  They become one big colony.
  4. The cats will need a shelter for the cold and hot weather.  Your barn would be perfect.  Be sure to remove any poison that you used before for rodents  
  5. Cats need to be fed and watered everyday.  They mouse for fun and their presence will keep the rodents away.  Don’t forget that the cats will be working at night while you are sleeping.
  6. After a couple of weeks the cats can be released and they will stick around.  Let them still have access to the acclimatation cage and then start feeding them in the permanent area.  After a few days the cage can be removed

I’d Like to Hire a Barn Cat.

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I Have Cat In Danger and Would Like To Place Them In a Barn Situation.

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