Foster Visalia Feral Cat Coalition would love to have you foster kittens for us. When we Trap Neuter Return sometimes we get kittens. As an organization we are not a rescue and don't take in kittens, but the members who trap them take responsibility for them personally. Either fostering them themselves or finding fosters for them. The kittens will be tamed and adopted out. It's the only time we will handle kittens. If you ever attempt to tame feral kittens we suggest you have some leather gloves and keep them away from you face. They think they are fighting for their lives.

We also need volunteers to foster stray adult cats that were once socialized. These cats are usually trapped during a mass trapping. If you are interested, please use the Contact Form.


The Visalia Feral Cat Coalition targets identified problem areas in Visalia, California. We work with the local residents and/or business owners by education on TNR and feral cat colony management. In cooperation with the residents or business owners, a mass trapping is scheduled. Cats are trapped and taken to a clinic where they are neutered, vaccinated and their ears are tipped. Kittens and socialized cats are fostered by volunteers and placed into homes. Healthy adult feral cats are returned to their colony site where designated caretakers provide food, shelter and continuing care. Follow up trappings are conducted for missed or stray cats.


Visalia Feral Cat Coalition follows up on past trapping areas for any cats that were missed. Feral cats that have been trapped have tipped ear so they are easier to tell who we've already TNR. We then make sure there are volunteers feeding the colony daily or we put feeders in place to take care of the colony. If you are interested in becoming a colony caretaker please fill out the contact form.

Trap Neuter Return Works!

The cats' lives and health are improved and the population of feral cats will stabilize and decline over time. There will be no more kittens and mating behaviors such as yowling, spraying and fighting will stop.

The traditional method of catch and kill is an endless and cruel method for feral cat control. It’s a costly cycle and won't keep an area free of cats for long. Relocating the cats is another method that does not work; once cats are removed from a territory, other cats move in to take advantage of the newly available location and breed, forming a new colony.