Clinic Rules
Clinic Day’s with Visalia Feral Cat Coalition and Valley Oak SPCA are a very special time where we can fix a large number of cats at a reduced price.  Our goal is to make this as easy on the cats as we can.  Our rules are for your safety and the cats.
Feral Clinic Day's with Valley Oak SPCA Rules
No one is allowed in the surgery area/lab area.  The only time we are allowed in the laundry room is to walk through to the front to the bathroom.
Please don’t handle the cats outside of the cages, we don’t want anyone getting loose. If a cat does get loose get help.  We have experience handling these situations.
Pictures are only allowed in the warehouse (first room with all the cages) and outside.  Please don’t post any pictures of cats still asleep as it might upset someone. 
Rules for Knock Down Room      
   Never leave the cats unattended if they have been sedated.
   Wear gloves when you pull the cat out of traps. They might be faking being asleep
   Don’t try and catch a loose cat without help and gloves
   Keep both doors closed in case a cat gets out of the cage
Recovery Room 1
These cats are just waking up.  Someone needs to be ready to grab the trap right away.  Someone can be in the doorway to the laundry room to listen for the number of the cage they will need next.  We need to administer flea meds and make sure tape is off of the cat’s ear.   Zip tie the cage and cover so you can still see in, but it’s partially covered. Please log the cat on our sheet with any notes. Once the cat is fully awake move it to the main recovery/check in room. 
Rules for Recovery Room 1
Never leave the cats unattended
Keep your voices down, the cats are scared and we want them to remain as calm as possible
If a cat is bleeding from the incision site (more than a few drops) or its ear, let a tech from VOSPCA that there is a problem.  Big males tend to bleed more.
Recovery Room 2
At this point the cats can be fully covered to reduce their stress.  One person needs to stay in that room to keep an eye on them.  Please check on them at least every 10-15 minutes for bleeding or cats pooping in the cage.  
Check Out
Call person to let them know their cat is ready.  Give the person picking up the cat follow up care instructions.  Make sure the cat description on the cage matches the cat in it.  Mark the cat as picked up in the log sheet.

If you are interested, please use the Volunteer Form.