Trapping Story

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Trapping Story From a VFCC Board Member
I was asked to help a young couple trap a female calico left at the house they rented, by previous tenants, they are moving and wanted to fix her before moving. There are 3 homes that feed her…
They’ve been trying to trap her for nine months she won’t go in a regular trap so I brought the drop trap, two days set up and waited for two hours each day, she walked by and keep going and avoid it
This morning was the calicos appointment to get her spay surgery done at Pacific Crest so what they did was…
“”””She was at my door, my husband creeped up behind her and put a large box over her. Then we cut a tiny opening, and put the cage up to the hole. As soon as we lifted the opening she darted in the cage! “””””
Success in a Authentic Original Box Trap, the good ole fashion way. To funny!

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