❌Operation Snip and Tip❌

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We changed the lives of 27 cats today!

A BIG Thank You to Dr. Carla Rodriguez, Lydia House, Valley Oak SPCA, Cindy, Marci, Britany, Audra, and Marie for participating in our monthly mass trapping of feral cats.

Your donations allowed us to treat an eye infection, give fluids to 2 pregnant mama cats, give much needed antibiotics and clean the wounds of our scrappy males that have battles wounds from fighting. It’s a tough life for an unaltered cat!

These lucky cats were fixed, given vaccines, ear tipped (for future identification), given a flea treatment and we even snuck in a few pets while they were under anesthesia.

These community cats will be returned back to their original location where they were trapped, we call this trap-neuter-return (TNR)

Stay tuned for more details about the mass trapping.

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